A group of researchers in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh has claimed to have found traces of a paleo-river.

A paleo-channel or paleo-river is an inactive river or water stream buried under sediment.

Due to geological activities, the nearly 65 million year-old river might have got covered under basaltic lava, said Vishal Verma of the Mangal Panchayatam Parishad. The Parishad is engaged in exploration of the Narmada Valley.

The researchers are trying to find out whether the ancient stream has anything to do with the Narmada. It flowed in the same direction — East to West — as the Narmada. The current course of the Narmada is about 10 km from the site of the paleo-river, parallel to it.

Further exploration may throw light on the origin of the Narmada, Mr. Verma said.