Pakistan is yet to take a final view on India's suggestion to allow officials, who recorded Mumbai terror attack accused Ajmal Kasab's statement, to testify in the anti-terror court here through video-conferencing.

That such a request had been officially made by India was confirmed by Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit on Thursday. India made this suggestion on the premise that Indian law did not allow the investigating officer and magistrate to travel abroad to testify in a foreign court.

Pakistan had asked India to allow the two officials to testify before the anti-terror court here trying seven under-trials in the case, as Kasab's statement was not admissible in Pakistani courts.

While stating that Pakistan was yet to take a decision on India's request, Mr. Basit also drew attention to Indian newspaper reports claiming that the Solicitor-General of India had said there was no legal restriction on Indian officials testifying in foreign judicial proceedings.