A Pakistani mole in the Indian security agencies, code-named ‘Honey Bee’, helped his ISI handlers identify the landing site for 26/11 terrorists in Mumbai, two British journalists have claimed in their book.

The information on Badhwar Park, the landing site, was shared by ISI operatives with Pakistani-American Lashkar operative David Headley, who had checked it out while conducting recce of the area, the journalists say.

The book, by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark, The Siege, claims that Headley underwent a two-year course on surveillance and counter-intelligence by Pakistan’s espionage agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

His handler, Major Iqbal of ISI, gave him what he described as classified Indian files — that he said were obtained from within Indian police and army — which revealed their training and limitations.

“The Major boasted that they had a super agent at work in New Delhi who was known as Honey Bee. The Major revealed while he would guide Headley, the Mumbai operation would be run by Lashkar,” the book claimed. According to the book, before leaving Pakistan, Headley met Major Iqbal, who gave him a bundle of counterfeit Indian currency and a suggestion.