Social activist Kiran Bedi’s remark on Sunday that “small rape” and assault get more media coverage than charges of serious corruption against Ministers has drawn flak.

She made the remark while talking to journalists on the sidelines of Baba Ramdev’s fast at Ramlila Maidan here.

Social networks, including Twitter and Facebook, were abuzz with reactions. Some of them lashed out at Ms. Bedi, terming her “misogynist” and the remark “shocking.”

Ms. Bedi later clarified that she actually meant “small” officers and not small “rape.” She also accused a section of the media of distorting her statement.

She told reporters at the Ramlila Maidan, “I have read the files relating to 15 Ministers who have charges of corruption against them, but the media never discussed any charges against even one of the alleged Ministers. Look at the extent of discussions you have when a police officer or a government official commits a small rape or assault, but none of the media people discussed the corruption charges against any one of the 15 Ministers.”

Actor Farhan Akhtar tweeted: “Shocked at Kiran Bedi’s comment about “small rapes”! Ma'am there is nothing worse than a society that is morally corrupt.”

“Didn’t say it’s a small crime”

“I never said rape is a small crime. I said when a small ranked person commits rape/crime he is hung while big ones go scot-free,” Ms. Bedi tweeted after the outburst of outrage across social media. “Something of serious concern is the way SOME sections in the media conduct themselves? They are only seeking negativity? Will this ever change?”

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