The Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) manifesto for the coming Lok Sabha polls, which is expected be released within a month, would chart a road map to bring in necessary changes in national level policies that would benefit the “last person in the queue.” The party would have no alliance and has installed necessary filters to ensure that discredited persons do not get a back door entry into the electoral politics.

Addressing reporters at the Chandigarh Press Club on Monday, AAP’s national executive committee member Yogendra Yadav said the manifesto would be based on the reports by 31 committees formed by the party, to seek a feedback from the citizens and various stakeholders. He said the party had changed its decision to release the compiled draft of these reports lest it be “over interpreted and create opinion opposite to the intention.”

Reacting to a query related to the criticism that the AAP has not announced it stance on the economic policy, Mr. Yadav said that while the party would want to stay away from the Left as well as the Right orthodoxies, it favoured a national level debate on adopting methods which would actually help achieve the goals enshrined in the Constitution. He regretted that there was hardly any debate on the role of the public sector, government control, subsidies, market forces, competition and various other factors that impacted economic policy.

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