On the background of rising crimes against women in the city, a woman was attacked with a knife by her neighbour, who was drunk, for trying to protect her husband on Thursday evening.

According to police sources, Vilas Torge (35) got miffed after Priti Jaiswal (35) told him to get off his bike where he was sitting and drinking. Both of them live in the same neighbourhood. When he refused to get off, she approached her husband.

Vilas slapped Priti’s husband and when she interfered, he attacked her with a knife. She sustained minor injuries on her cheeks.

Priti Jaiswal was taken to KEM hospital for treatment.

“Vilas was nabbed immediately and brought to the station. The incident took place near Shivdi bus depot at around 5 p.m,” a police official at R.A. Kidwai Marg police station told The Hindu.