Uttarakhand activists have described the Vijay Bahuguna Government’s decision to reintroduce an application fee of Rs 500 for applying for Group C jobs as anarchical as the Government decided to more than double the pay and perks of MLAs and Ministers in the same Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

Sarita Badoni and Jagdish Sharma both educated unemployed youths wondered what the Chief Minister meant by levying such an enormous application fee by saying that it would reduce the burden on the cash strapped economy while he hiked the pay and perks of the MLAs and Ministers.

Girish Maithani a senior Uttarakhand activist felt that the anti un-employed attitude of the Government showed that the separate State dreamt by the activists was yet to be achieved.

‘ All we see today is the corrupt politician­ bureaucrats­ contractors combine looting the State while the very large number of families that had been rendered homeless in last year’s deluge and landslides were yet to get any relief in the name of road connectivity, good houses, education, health care or rations’, she said and urged to vote out the corrupt during the coming gram sabha and Lok Sabha elections.