There are cases where these have induced criminal sexual behaviour among children, says doctor

The West Bengal Human Rights Commission (WBHRC) has sought a report from the Home Secretary on whether online video games that challenge a player to rape a woman — commonly referred to as “rape games” — may be blocked from the Internet using the provisions of Information Technology Act (2000).

“The WBHRC has expressed serious concern over the matter as there are reports that children, particularly in their adolescence, are getting addicted to video games that are referred to as ‘rape games.’

The Commission has asked the Home Secretary to submit its report within four weeks,” Sujay Kumar Haldar, joint secretary of the WBHRC, told The Hindu on Wednesday.

Mr. Haldar said the WBHRC took up the matter following reports that children were being influenced by such video games.

Child psychiatrists too have demanded that these be blocked on the Internet.

Such games are easily available on the net and can be accessed by a mobile that has Internet connection, Mr. Haldar said.