The website of the West Bengal's Criminal Investigation Department has been hacked by the “Muslim Liberation Army,” which is supporting the cause of freedom of Kashmir.

 After 9 p.m. on Saturday, visitors saw, instead of the homepage of the West Bengal CID, slogans such as “Free Kashmir,” “Freedom is our Goal” and “End the Occupation.”  “We discovered in the morning [Sunday] that it had been hacked and immediately removed the content [put up by the outfit],” K. Jayaraman, Deputy Inspector-General of CID, told The Hindu.

 During the day on Sunday the website was not available and visitors found the message, “The site is under maintenance.” By evening, the normal homepage was restored.

 “We are still investigating the incident. We are trying to trace the location of the computer from where the website was hacked,” Mr. Jayaraman said. The State's CID has set up a Cyber Crime Unit with its own Computer Crime Analysis Lab. Asked about media reports that sleuths of the department traced the server from where the website had been hacked to Pakistan, Mr. Jayaraman declined comment and said investigations were on.

 The group had put up slogans about Kashmir. As of now there was no reason to connect it with Pakistan, he said.


Pakistani hacks Indian websites October 27, 2011