Reiterating his party’s stand on the derogatory remarks made by senior CPI(M) MLA Anisur Rahaman against West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Leader of the Opposition Surya Kanta Mishra said on Friday that the Left at least had the courage to admit its mistakes.

“… Anisur has said something and has already tendered an unconditional apology for it. What he has said is against the culture of our party. But when we make a mistake, we have the courage to admit it,” Dr. Mishra said at a public rally in Bardhaman district.

He also pointed to the recent media expose of the Minister of State for Animal Resources Development making threats and using obscene language on the phone.

Even after it came to power, the Trinamool Congress was behaving like the Opposition. “Whenever we raise questions, they [the Trinamool Congress] in turn ask questions of us. It is the job of the Opposition to ask questions and that of the government to answer them. But they do not answer our questions. What have you done in 34 years in power, is their constant refrain,” Dr. Mishra said.

The Trinamool was at the helm for 19 months but did not want to be accountable to the people, he said.