Phailin devastated Biju Patnaik Park in the city has become a large water body because of the continuous rains.

Its main attraction happened to be a water body which was being used for boating purpose. But this water body became the bane for this Phailin devastated park.

The continuous rains from October 22 to 26 made it over flow and gobble up the land mass in and around it. Most portions of the park were still under water even on Thursday. The boating jetty as well as boats had been damaged by the cyclone. Now portions of its lawn, pathway etc have also got submerged under water.

Authorities of the park have tried to drain out water from its premises by opening up a channel to outside. The water has started to flow over a major road to reach a nearby drain. It is not possible to drain massive amount of water out of this park in a hurry as it is located in a crowded area and its sudden draining can lead to artificial flood in nearby areas. The water being drained out of the overflowing park has already started to damage portions of the concrete road near it. According to officials of the Berhampur Development Authority (BDA), which manages this park, this park may not get opened for public for at least three months.

Similar is the state other parks meant for children in the city. They have been closed down till further notice.