The Ram temple was the epicentre of the two-day meeting of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) that concluded here on Wednesday.

The meeting, held at Kachi Ashram in Bhupatwala, was attended by around 200 people, including VHP president Ashok Singhal, general secretary Champak Rai, Swami Chinmayananda, Praveen Bhai Togadia and sadhus from all over the country.

The members demanded the building of a temple on the 70-acre land, which according to them belongs to ‘Ram Lala’.

Hum Ayodhya ki sanskriti ki raksha karenge” (We shall protect the tradition of Ayodhya”), said Mr. Rai, asserting that the VHP shall not allow the land to be touched by any Muslim structure.

He said an affidavit filed by the Attorney General on September 14, 1994 said that if it was proved that a Hindu structure existed at Ayodhya before 1528 then the case would consider Hindu sentiments as well. “The partition of the land is irrelevant since it has been scientifically proved that the remains of Lord Rama were present at Ayodhya,” he said.