Senior Congress MP and Union Minister of State for Health Abu Hasem Khan Choudhury is facing the heat over a letter written by him to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seeking to withdraw his complaint against the scam-tainted Saradha group.

 He is now ruing the letter admitting, there was “an error in judgment on his part.”

 “After seeing what has happened and with poor investors left in the lurch, it seems it was surely a mistake,” Mr. Choudhury told journalists recently while referring to the letter.

 But the Trinamool Congress has been fast to act. The Minister’s letter dated March 15, 2012 was posted on its website and the party has demanded the resignation of Mr. Choudhury for withdrawing his complaint against the Saradha group in September 2011.

 “The company [Saradha group] is conducting a prosperous and successful realty business in West Bengal with some investment in the media and health sectors,” Mr. Choudhury had written to Dr. Singh while urging him to withdraw his complaint against the group.

His letter also states that Sudipta Sen (the arrested Chairman and Managing Director of the group) has no prior connection with an ill-reputed financial company.