Two persons died on Monday night in communal violence in Raver, a town in north Maharashtra. The situation was brought under control after the police imposed curfew.

The problem began on Monday evening when a funeral procession was passing by a mosque. People inside the mosque took an objection to the music being played at the procession, since it was the time to offer prayers. An argument ensued, but soon after the procession went ahead.

But while returning from the funeral some of the youth in the procession threw stones at the mosque.

Soon violence spread across the town and the two youths were killed in clashes.

“We have imposed 24 hour curfew in the town and have arrested 34 people from both the communities. We will be extending the curfew by 24 hours to bring the town back to normalcy,” said S. Jaikumar, Superintendent of Police, Jalgaon district. He however denied any political interference in the violence.

Rawer last saw communal violencein 2008 during the Ganesh festival.