19-year-old follower of the monk who confessed to committing the crime arrested

The police have solved the mystery behind the murder of a senior monk at a Buddhist monastery in Dhalai district of Tripura.

They have arrested a 19-year-old follower of the slain monk who confessed to committing the crime.

The principal of Manugang Ban Vihar in Longtarai Valley subdivision, Pragyadiptti Bhikku (63), was found murdered on the campus on the morning of April 28.

The incident outraged the Buddhist community in the State, which staged protests in different places.

“We have arrested Saptarshi Chakma from a group of eight people interrogated after the crime. This is a sensitive case and we are very careful in the investigation,” a senior police officer of Dhalai district said on Sunday.

He stated that the detainee, who was an inmate in the monastery, has confessed to murdering the monk with a knife.

“He attacked the Bhikku as soon as he came out from toilet and ran out of the campus,” the officer informed.

Police arrested Saptarshi Chakma from his residence

The accused has claimed that he was upset with the excessive workload at the Buddhist institution.

Police, however, said they have not yet reached a conclusion over the motive behind the murder.

Solving the murder would lay to rest the anger of Buddhist community in Tripura, mostly from Chakma and Mog tribes.

Pragyadiptti Bhikku was in government service before embracing spirituality two decades ago.