…But calls the manner in which it was withdrawn ‘clumsy’

The Trinamool Congress welcomed on Wednesday the Union Cabinet’s decision to withdraw the proposed ordinance to protect convicted lawmakers.

“It is good that the ordinance has been withdrawn. We have been demanding this from the beginning but the entire process has undermined the Cabinet system of governance and democracy,” senior Trinamool Congress and party MP in the Lok Sabha, Saugata Roy told The Hindu.

The manner it was done, three days after Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said that it should be torn apart, looks “clumsy and ham-handed,” Mr. Roy said.

Mr. Roy, who was also a Minister in the Congress-led UPA government before the Trinamool Congress withdrew support in September 2012 said: “It shows lack of maturity on the part of the government. The episode also shows the lack of coordination between the party and the government.”