The police arrested three fasting leaders of the Manipur People's Party (MPP) from the party office on Sunday after their condition deteriorated. They were on a fast-unto-death, demanding the lifting of the blockade imposed by Nagas since April 11.

They were produced before the duty magistrate and he remanded them to judicial custody. They were kept in J.N. Hospital, which was declared a sub-jail.

The arrested leaders are president of the MPP Youth Front M. Maniton, vice-president T. Dilip and chairman of the MPP Minority Cell Mohammad Aurangajeb.

Soon after their arrest, 10 members of Chanura Marup, women's wing of the party, began a fast-unto-death.

MPP president Nimaichand Luwang and vice-president Sapam Dhananjoy started the agitation on June 7. As their condition turned serious after three days, the police arrested them. Immediately the three leaders began the fast. As Mr. Luwang and Mr. Dhananjoy continue the fast in the prison, they are subjected to nose-feeding.

A party spokesman told TheHindu that even if the women agitators were arrested, another batch of party workers would resume the fast.

He said the MPP felt that the State and Central governments did not take effective steps to lift the blockade. Considering the trials and tribulations of people, the Centre should have taken some concrete steps.