The talks between Gujjar leader Kirori Singh Bainsla, spearheading the community’s stir for five per cent reservation in State jobs, and the Rajasthan government failed to end the stalemate on Sunday.

The deadlock persisted with Mr. Bainsla demanding a halt to the recruitment drive to be launched by the Ashok Gehlot government to fill up nearly 80,000 posts under the existing arrangement.

Government emissary and Energy Minister Jitendra Singh told reporters after the five-hour talks the administration had agreed in principle to provide five per quota to Gujjars in jobs.

The government was also ready to set up a committee as directed by the High Court to look into the quota issue, he said.

However, Mr. Bainsla insisted the recruitment drive to be put on hold first, the Minister said adding the issue would be discussed at the next round of talks.

A spokesman of the Chief Minister Office said “the deadlock persists as Gujjars are adamant on their demand to put the recruitment drive on hold till the issue is resolved but the government is not ready for this.”

Mr. Bainsla told reporters the State government had agreed to provide five per cent reservation to Gujjars in jobs.

He said the talks had been “quite progressive and only the issue of State government’s recruitment drive is pending.”

Mr. Bainsla said “the Gujjars should get the five per cent quota whether it is within the limit of existing 50 per cent or beyond it.”