All oil pumps in Manipur went dry from Thursday evening taking undue advantage of the 80 metre long landslip near Kohima in Nagaland along NH 2 since July 13 night. However the ubiquitous roadside vendors are selling petrol at Rs 120 a litre under the nose of the police who look the other way. There is no shortage of stock for them. All these years, these vendors have been earning huge profit by selling fuel in this manner while the oil pumps are closed down whenever there blockades and landslips.

Okendra Moirangthem, the Minister in charge of fuel supply has been saying that Manipur always has fuel stock for 21 days. However the government has not pulled up the oil pump owners for creating this kind if artificial scarcity. Although NH 2 is impassable since Saturday night, oil tankers and others are plying along NH 37, the second lifeline of Manipur and as such this sudden scarcity of fuel is unjustified.

By late evening long serpentine queues were seen near some oil pumps.

However, only a fraction of the drivers could get a few litres of petrol. The stock of diesel is also not comforting.