A young man, suspected to be the one who drove the car into the farmhouse where real estate baron Deepak Bhardwaj was gunned down last week, has been detained for questioning. According to sources, the suspect was nabbed from Jahangirpuri in North West Delhi.

It is likely that the police would confront the detained person with the man who purportedly sold the Skoda Laura car used in the crime by the three accused. Two of them had allegedly shot the former BSP leader, who was also the richest candidate in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections when he contested unsuccessfully from the West Delhi constituency.

While the two assailants are on the run, the Delhi Police have still not confirmed if the detained person, being referred to as ‘Amit’, was actually a part of the three-member strike team.

No clear picture yet

The detention has thus added to the list of scores of people detained and questioned so far in connection with the case. Though the arrest of the three main culprits is vital for unravelling the conspiracy and the real motive behind the murder, five days after the incident, the Delhi Police are yet to come up with a clear picture of how and why the crime was committed.

Monetary dispute likely

Police sources have been hinting that the circumstances point towards a monetary dispute as the motive behind the crime. But they have not revealed much to support the claim.

Among those questioned so far have been the family members of the victim, including his estranged wife. Earlier, sources within the police had claimed to have identified the conspirators but had not revealed their identities.

Despite several raids in the Capital, neighbouring Haryana and even far off States such as Uttarakhand, where the slain leader had several properties, over the last six days, the police have failed to make any arrest.

This despite CCTV cameras installed at the ‘Nitesh Kunj’ farmhouse of the deceased capturing the faces of two of the suspects while they ran to the gate to open it for their car, in which they then fled.