A day after the death of Pravin Mahajan, who was convicted of murdering his brother and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Pramod Mahajan, their eldest brother Prakash Mahajan, told reporters on Thursday that supporting Pravin's family was his top priority.

Pravin died on Wednesday of brain haemorrhage and multi-organ failure after being in coma for two-and-half months.

Mr. Prakash Mahajan was speaking after Pravin's funeral in Thane. “I feel at this point Sarangi [Pravin's wife] and the children need support. I will try my best to support them till I am alive. That's my priority. And I won't give in to any pressure. Both the children [Kapil and Vrushali] are in the final year of Bachelor of Arts. Their exams are in April. They are concentrating on their studies. They are ready for life's struggles.”

Pravin's body was handed over to Mr. Prakash and Ms. Sarangi's brother Prasad Pulliwar on Thursday morning. Pravin's son performed the last rites.

Mr. Prakash said, “Both my brothers have gone from this world. Personally it's a great loss. I was as close to Pravin as I was to Pramod. I never agreed with the path which Pravin chose. But when he was in coma, I went to meet him as I saw it as my duty. I have done my duty.”

None of the members from Pramod's family was present at the funeral.

He said their mother did not come as the trauma would have been too much for her to bear.

About the hospital expenses, believed to be around Rs. 16 lakh, he said the family would be taking a decision on how to meet them. “The hospital has not yet communicated the expenses to us,” he said.