Students' organisations and several non-governmental organisations have taken umbrage against the increasing instances of attacks against the people of the north-eastern region who are studying and working in Delhi. All shops and business establishments in Imphal town run by non-locals remained closed from early Wednesday morning.

Premkumar Thangjam, the convener of the Joint Students' Coordinating Committee told reporters on Tuesday that all shops and business establishments owned and run by migrant workers should remain closed from 5 a.m. till 10 p.m. on Wednesday.

Mr. Thangjam said that it is highly objectionable that the union and the state governments remained unconcerned to the increasing instances of rapes, murderous attacks and other forms of racist abuses against the north-easterners. The people of the NE region should not remain silent with mere assurances that action will be taken up against the culprits. Instead of interim agreements the NE governments should press for enactment of an anti-racial discrimination law, he said.

Shop keepers said that they condemned the racist attacks against the people in Delhi and demanded booking of the culprits. They supported the campaign of the Students Committee. Since it is a very sensitive issue they will never defy the call for the shutdown. Despite presence of heavily armed police and paramilitary personnel they decided to call it a day.

Armed policemen were deployed in the nearby areas to ensure law and order.