The revised guidelines for telecom operators in Jammu and Kashmir for issuing pre-paid and post-paid connections will see a stricter scrutiny of documents besides limiting a family’s ability to have multiple phones to just six.

The Centre has asked the telecom operators to strictly adhere to the Telegraph Act, under which they will now have to disconnect services within two hours if the address or any other document supplied by the customer was not correct.

As per the new guidelines of the Department of Telecommunications, the service provider shall exercise the utmost caution and discretion in providing a second connection or multiple connections.

The service provider shall take into account all relevant factors including the reasons given for seeking a second connection or multiple connections and the income of the person or family concerned.

The guidelines stated, “the degree of verification of an application for a second connection shall be stricter and for a third connection even stricter and so on.”

“In any case, no person residing in the state of Jammu and Kashmir shall be entitled to or provided with mobile telephone connections (either prepaid or postpaid) exceeding six in number.

The maximum of six mobile telephone connections shall apply to the mobile connections held by an individual in his or her name as well as the connections held by the members of his or her family,” the guidelines said.