Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Sunday announced that the State law commission would soon be revived.

Addressing advocates from across the State, Mr. Chouhan announced several sops for legal professionals during an “advocates panchayat” (dialogue forum for advocates) at his residence.

These include an assistance of Rs. 12,000 (in a lump sum) to new entrants in the legal profession in order to help them start practice and set up their offices.

The “advocates panchayat” was one in a series of similar panchayats for various groups of citizens hosted by Mr. Chouhan at his residence throughout the year.

The Chief Minister has already held such panchayats (dialogue forums) for domestic workers, students, senior citizens and farmers.

Agreeing in principle to enact the Advocates’ Protection Act, Mr. Chouhan said the opinion of legal experts would be sought in the matter. The government would also seek legal opinion for raising the fee for appeals in cases of motor vehicle accidents.

Minister for Law Dr. Narottam Mishra and state BJP president Prabhat Jha were also present on the occasion.

Mr. Chouhan said advocates would now be represented in the revenue board. Further, in case of death of an advocate, a financial assistance of Rs. one lakh would be provided to their families.

As the Bar Council would contribute another Rs. one lakh, the bereaved families would have Rs. two lakh with them in their time of need, said Mr. Chouhan.

He also announced the creation of a fund for the treatment of advocates suffering from serious diseases.

The other sops announced by the CM at the panchayat include enrichment of libraries at the tehsil level, enhanced honourarium for law officials and government pleaders, provision of land at nominal rates to bar council associations and subsidizing of power bills of bar council offices.