Under attack from Shiv Sena for his remarks on the IPL fiasco, Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan on Tuesday said he was not apologetic for favouring the inclusion of Pakistani players and termed the activities of the party as “undemocratic“.

Standing by his comments, Shahrukh asserted he believed that every Indian would agree that India is a “good country” and that “everyone is welcome as a guest”, but at the same time said too much importance was being attached to the words of “just an actor“.

“It makes me feel that activities like this are unhealthy, undemocratic, it’s insensitive but this is the world is and you can only say what you believe in and stand by it and hopefully I will have the strength to do so,” Mr. Khan told reporters when asked about the Shiv Sena protests back home.

“As an Indian I’m not ashamed, guilty or unhappy about what I said neither am I sorry,” he said.

Following the IPL snub, Mr. Khan who is also the owner of Kokata Knight Riders franchise, had spoken against ignoring the Pakistani players and said he would take in cricketers from across the border if his team had an empty slot.

Shiv Sena activists reacted angrily terming it an issue of patriotism, burnt the posters of his upcoming film ‘My Name is Khan,’ and took their protest to his bungalow in Mumbai.

The party has threatened not to allow the screening of the film, unless the actor apologises.