In the wake of a spate of complaints, action is planned against self-styled godmen and astrologers who allegedly deceive people through allurement in Agartala.

West Tripura district magistrate Kiran Gitte said on Friday action against such people was contemplated earlier, but could not be executed due to certain serious engagements, including the recent Assembly elections. “Now that elections are over, we will take appropriate measures on the issue.”

Officials said sub-divisional magistrates would be advised to issue notice to local cable television channel operators for selling slots to ‘self-styled godmen and astrologers,’ who have booked rooms in the city hotels. Spiritualists and astrologers from various parts of the country use cable television channels to propagate their ‘supernatural’ power and talent. They perform live TV shows, inviting telephone calls from viewers, who are ultimately asked to come for ‘personal meetings.’

Action against cable operators is likely to be taken under the amended Cable Television Network Regulation Act. The West Tripura district administration will also ask the Agartala Municipal Council to remove hoardings displaying ‘supernatural talents’ of astrologers and spiritualists.