Pointing to years of alleged official neglect by the Central and State governments, the organisations putting in serious efforts to bring justice to the kin of the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy have once again expressed concern over the manner in which the whole issue has been treated over the past 25 years.

Bhopal Gas Peedith Mahila Udyog Sanghathan (BGPMUS) and Bhopal Gas Peedith Sangharsh Sahayog Samiti (BGPSSS) have submitted a memorandum titled “The Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster: Twenty-five years after” to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

In the memorandum, the organisations have urged the Centre to set up a ‘National Commission on Bhopal’ to tackle the whole issue, which they expect will speed up the process of justice that is eluding the victims since the disaster ravaged the city on the night of December 3, 1984.

Establishing a national-level Commission would help in a speedy resolution of issues related to health status, compensation, environmental pollution, rehabilitation and litigation-related matters in the US, says the memorandum.

The organisations have alleged that very few initiatives have been taken by the State Government to rehabilitate the surviving victims through employment.