The Chandigarh administration, in a press note released on Monday, has apologised for addressing students living in slum areas as ‘slum dogs.'

The Public Relations Department of the administration had described city's slum children as ‘slum dogs' while describing the results of a health survey. It now claims that the term had no negative connotation and the department did not mean any disrespect to slum children or anybody else.

An official release issued earlier by the department said: “The slum dogs [children] of Chandigarh, wallowing in poverty, illiteracy and ignorance, have beaten their blessed brethren in urban areas with regard to better eyesight.”

‘Hurt unintended'

Monday's press release states that the administration was “committed to improving the lot of those living in the slums, the UT Administration never ever meant to hurt their sentiments. The UT Administration regrets if the press note has inadvertently hurt any feelings.”

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