Mounting pressure on Congress which formed the Siliguri Municipal Corporation with the help of the CPI(M) last year, three Trinamool Congress councillors have resigned demanding that the ally snap all links with CPI(M).

Leader of the Trinamool Congress in the Corporation, Gautam Deb and two other councillors resigned from three committees yesterday.

The Trinamool Congress has been demanding that the Congress Mayor resign and form a new board with it.

On October 1 last year the Congress had formed the Corporation with the support of the CPI(M) which alone had 17 councillors in the 47-member member board. Congress and Trinamool Congress had 15 seats each.

Mr. Deb alleged that that his party has been demanding a white paper detailing corruption of the Left Front while running the board till September 2009.

But the Congress has so far not made any move to publish the white paper, which proved it had a clandestine link with the Marxist party, he claimed.

“We are against the CPI(M) and in no case can compromise with anyone having terms with the CPI(M),” he said.

Replying to the allegations, Darjeeling District Congress Secretary, Uday Dubey said that it was decided last month that the dispute in the SMC would be settled by the State leadership of both parties.

“But there has been no initiative by the Trinamool Congress,” he said.

Stating that a change in the DCC leadership would take place within a day or two, he said, “It will not be wise for me to take any decision in this very sensitive matter.”