The judges of the High Court of Sikkim have decided to disclose their assets to the public.

The decision comes in the aftermath of a similar resolution taken by judges of the Supreme Court last month.

According to a statement by the High Court of Sikkim, at a Full Court meeting held on September 1, it was resolved to disclose the statements of assets submitted by the Chief Justice and judges.

The information will be posted on the High Court’s website shortly.

The High Court of Sikkim is constituted by a three-judge bench — the Chief Justice, Aftab H. Saikia, and Judges Ananda Prakash Subba and Sonam Phintso Wangdi.

Public debate

The issue, considered significant in checking corruption in the higher judiciary, has invited much public debate after MPs of opposition parties in the Rajya Sabha forced the Government to defer the introduction of the ‘The Judges Declaration of Assets and Liabilities Bill, 2009.’

They were protesting against Clause 6 of the bill that allowed for the declaration of the assets of judges without making them public.

On August 26, in a Full Court meeting presided over by the Chief Justice of India, K.G. Balakrishnan, the judges of the Supreme Court resolved to publicly declare their assets.

However, the resolution is not binding on judges of the High Courts.