It was jubilation all the way at Graphic Era University here as Arvind Mishra, a young assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering, broke the Guinness record of 121 hours in the non-stop lecturing category at 7.01 a.m on Thursday.

Arvind had logged 130 hours of non-stop lecturing at 4.00 p.m. and hopes to continue to set a new record by logging in an extra 60 hours, said senior Professor Subhash Gupta adding that the proceedings were being relayed live on and watched by a panel of the Guinness Book of World records.

The last world record was held by Polish national Errol Muzawazi who gave a 121-hour lecture on ‘Democracy and Cultural Dialogue.’ The topic of Arvind’s lecture is ‘Scientific Computation’.

Loud cheers went up in the auditorium as varsity chairperson Kamal Ghansala announced a cash reward of Rs one lakh and two increments for Arvind.

The Rs 1 lakh-cheque was handed over to his mother Pushpa Mishra by the Uttarakhand Forest and Sports Minister Dinesh Aggarwal.

Describing the feat as a proud moment for India, Mr. Aggarwal hoped more youngsters would follow the path of hard work and dedication shown by Arvind to make India a strong nation. Prof. Ghansala urged the students to compliment Arvind’s success by securing excellent marks in their exams.