Some journalists were beaten up by the police when they tried to enter a private nursing home where a patient allegedly jumped to his death here on Tuesday.

 The incident occurred shortly after a 68-year-old psychiatric patient, Arabindra Chakraborty, allegedly jumped to death from the roof of the home in south Kolkata. The locals staged a demonstration and put up a road block alleging negligence by the home management and demanded the arrest of its owner.  When journalists tried to enter the home to get details, they found the gate locked.

Meanwhile, the police who wielded batons to disperse the demonstrators did not spare the journalists. One scribe injured in the police action was admitted to a nursing home.

 Hours after the incident, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee referred it as a “small incident” and urged police and journalists to “increase understanding” between themselves.

She said police personnel responsible for the incident have been suspended.