In the continuing violence along the blockade-bound national highways, one school building and a loaded mini-truck were torched on Friday night by rival groups.

Reports said the Kangchup Chiru school, located in the Sadar Hills sub-division, was torched by supporters of the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee (SHDDC) around midnight. The building was reduced to ashes.

A number of government offices and vehicles had been torched during the blockade called by the SHDDC from September 31 midnight demanding the formation of the Sadar Hills district.

Meanwhile, United Naga Council activists intercepted one mini-truck loaded with consumer items in Senapati district on Friday night and set it on fire.

The truck, along with the goods, was completely burnt.

The UNC and other Naga bodies had imposed a counter-blockade along the national highways from August 21 opposing a Sadar Hills district being carved out of the “land of the Nagas.”