An ATM user in Ghaziabad was on Thursday stunned to see a balance of Rs.48.7 crores (Rs.487 million) in his savings bank account.

Abhishek Chaturvedi, a resident of F-144, Sanjay Nagar, had gone to withdraw money from an ATM. After drawing out the cash and reading the transaction slip, he was stunned to see the available balance at Rs.48.7 crores.

He called up his brother Vivek Bhardwaj, who had the main debit card of the account while brother Abhishek had an add-on card with which he made the transaction and informed him. Bhardwaj, who was in Delhi for some work, checked at an ATM in Delhi but was surprised to see the same balance.

When Chaturvedi called up the customer care of the Punjab National Bank in which they held the account, he was asked to take up the matter with the branch concerned.

The bank officials of their PNB branch in Sector-10, Raj Nagar, reportedly told Abhishek that they would look into the matter. The bank officials said that there could have been some printing mistake in the slip.

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