Lawyer R.K. Anand, convicted by the Delhi High Court of attempting to obstruct the course of justice in the BMW hit-and-run case, has offered free legal help to the accused in the Azad Maidan riots case.

As counsel for Sanjeev Nanda, he was found guilty of trying to influence a key witness. Recently, the Supreme Court directed him to take up free legal aid cases for one year as an alternative to six months’ imprisonment.

Last week, Mr. Anand was invited by a local Urdu daily for a meeting of families of the riots accused.

“It was just a formal discussion,” an associate editor of the paper told The Hindu on the phone. “He wanted to meet the people. He offered help and said he would do whatever he can by way of giving advice for those who are innocent and still under arrest. He said he was not going to charge [fees]. We said we have to follow the court procedures.”

Mr. Anand was believed to have asked the families to bring documents of the accused, especially those who were studying in colleges and elsewhere.

Sheikh Yasmin, wife of Sheikh Ashraf Sirajulhaq, alleged Azad Maidan rioter, said: “My husband is an engineering student. We are yet to submit his course documents. My mother-in-law had attended the meeting and Mr. Anand offered to help. Many are believed to be innocent among those arrested and he said he would try and help those,” she said.