Democratic Students' Alliance of Manipur got irked after school going girls and boys were allowed into the lodge

A posh restaurant at Hiyangthang in Imphal West district was burnt down by activists of Democratic Students' Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) on Saturday night. Thoithoi, the general secretary of DESAM told journalists the protest was carried out after information that the owner of Lodge Restaurant was allowing girl students in school uniform to come and lounge there along with some male students.

This is in defiance of the DESAM campaign. It was learnt in the recent past that some of the restaurants in Imphal had small and windowless cabins and rooms probably for immoral activities. In the past several restaurants had been demolished. DESAM and some other students' organisations had announced that students in uniform should not be allowed entry in the mushrooming restaurants during school hours.

When DESAM activists raided the restaurant at Hiyangthang, the owner and other employees helped the girl students to flee through the backdoor. However the girls were chased and rounded up. They were later handed over to their parents after counselling.

DESAM warned that all other restaurants which entertain students during school hours will face the same fate.