Politics over the rivers of Uttarakhand took a new turn with social activists, former politicians and a section of the business class threatening to undertake a fast- unto-death in Dehra Dun if the National Ganga River Basin Authority did not take the decision to restart Lohari Nagpala, Pala Maneri, Bhairo Ghati and the other closed hydel projects in Uttarakhand.

Amongst the 40 odd eminent citizens who participated in the meeting here over the weekend included Anand Sharma, Director, State Meteorological Centre.

The reaction has come in the wake of professor turned Swami G. D. Aggarwal's crusade forcing closure of these projects for saving the sanctity and eternal flow of the Ganga and other rivers. He is currently on yet another fast-unto-death. Announcing the decision after a consultative meeting of pro-development activists including some officials to discuss the power situation and fate of the abandoned hydel projects in Uttarakhand, Avdhash Kaushal, Chairperson Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra said he along with former Congress MP Paripoornand Painuli would lead a fast unto death if their demands were not met immediately.

The three point resolution passed unanimously at the meeting were -Uttarakhand Assembly should pass a resolution and send it to Centre before April 17 to start the stalled hydel projects and complete them in next 5 years.

These (hydro projects) were science policy issues and nothing to do with the Dharamgurus as their approach reflected a ‘Taliban' kind of mindset and there should be no negotiations or discussion on this matter at all.