The Maharashtra Legislative Council on Friday unanimously approved a resolution, asking the Central government to make the use of Marathi mandatory in its offices in the State.

The resolution was approved after the Upper House witnessed five adjournments, with Shiv Sena members insisting that the Council pass a resolution to promote the use of the State language.

Chairman Shivajirao Deshmukh said the government would pursue the matter with the Centre.

“We will insist the three-language formula of Marathi, Hindi and English be followed in these offices,” the Chairman informed the House.

Diwakar Raote, leader of the Sena group, moved the resolution.

“It is a fact that Marathi is not being used as per the three-language formula in these offices. This is an insult to Marathi,” he said.

Minister of State for General Administration Fauzia Khan requested him to withdraw the resolution saying “the feelings of the State government are as strong as yours are on the issue.”

This evoked noisy protests from the Sena, who said the Congress-NCP had promised repeatedly that it would ensure the implementation of the three-language formula, but failed to keep its word.

The House was adjourned as the noisy scenes continued. It was adjourned four more times as Sena members refused to withdraw the resolution.