Pop singer Remo Fernandes, who was Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) most celebrated face in Goa, has decided to distance himself from politics because “the rigours of active politics” were affecting his music.

Mr. Fernandes said in his Facebook post that he still believed wholeheartedly in Arvind Kejriwal and his vision for India and that he continued to support the AAP, even allowing the party to use a commercial space for an office in the heart of Panaji rent-free.

“I believe that he (Mr. Kejriwal) and his manifesto are the only ones aimed at stamping out corruption and empowering the people of India,” Mr. Fernandes said.

He joined the party in December last year, as one of its early members.

Mr. Fernandes said that after spending time in active politics he had realised that music was his only passion.

Dinesh Vaghela, National Executive Committee Member of AAP, when contacted on Friday, confirmed the same and said he received an e-mail from Mr. Fernandes two days back saying he wanted to devote more time to music.

He further wrote that he was with AAP with his whole heart and soul and will continue to support AAP, Mr. Vaghela said.

“On his request only I had not made this mail public till today,” Mr. Vaghela said.

Admitting that Mr. Fernandes’ joining had given a big momentum to AAP, Mr. Vaghela ruled out setback in election prospects as he was not quitting because he is opposed to or developed any differences with the party.

“This is a graceful way of a artist to go his own way, we must respect it,” quipped the senior AAP leader.

AAP is contesting both the Lok Sabha seats in Goa.


Remo peps up AAP campaign in GoaApril 9, 2014