The latest complaint filed by brother of the school-going tennis player who committed suicide after being sexually abused and persecuted by the former DGP S.P.S. Rathore alleges victim’s suicide was the result of ‘intentional planning’ as Rathore knew that the act of keeping victim’s brother ‘under illegal custody and giving him all possible torture would cause enormous pressure on the victim,’ driving her to suicide.

Giving details of how his sister, who was initially bold even after the molestation incident, became demoralised, the complaint notes, “The incident of parading me half-naked, in hand-cuffs forced her to end her life and this act of abetment was orchestrated by S.P.S. Rathore, who had conspired and crafted the act with the other police officials to kill my sister in a very planned manner as he knew very well that my sister would not be in a position to withstand the miseries given to me and would give up one day.”

The complainant addressed himself as, “the unfortunate brother of the deceased victim, who had raised her voice against S.P.S. Rathore for committing the act of molestation and which was witnessed by her friend.”

The detailed complaint alleges that after the victim complained of the molestation, Rathore “waged the war of atrocities, harassment and unleashed the reign of terror and humiliation towards the entire family in every possible manner by misusing his official position and further by misusing the political clout, no action was taken against him.”

The brother alleged that, “Goons were deployed outside our house at the instance of Rathore and whenever my sister went anywhere, they used to follow her and used abusive and vulgar language… all because my sister had raised her voice by way of a complaint.”

The complaint sketches the sequence of events that led the budding tennis player to suicide, “The lives of our family especially, that of my sister, completely changed after the incident. She was not only good in academics, but was an excellent tennis player and further was keen to excel in the game. After the incident, she could never play tennis, as she was shattered and tormented. She was expelled from the school on frivolous charges at the instance of Rathore, whose daughter was also studying in the same class.”

The Panchkula police has already registered two FIRs against Rathore, based on complaints made by the father and the brother of the victim, charging him with murder, criminal conspiracy, fraud, false cases, illegal confinement, misuse of power and destruction of evidence. The latest complaint, blames Rathore for systematically planning harassment of the family in order to pressure the victim to end her life.