Mutilated before being strangled to death, says witness

In a brutal incident, the family of an alleged rape victim kidnapped the accused and severely mutilated him before strangling him to death late on Friday night in Bhilwara, about 250 km from here.

The girl’s family members beat the accused, chopped off his ears and nose using a pair of scissors and then strangulated him with a dupatta.

The police have arrested the rape victim’s brother, Shyam Lal, based on a complaint filed by the deceased’s cousin, who was witness to the incident.

Shankar Jat, along with an accomplice, Jagdeesh, had allegedly raped the young woman last week. An FIR was registered at Bhilwara’s Subhash Nagar police station on Thursday.

While the district police arrested Jagdeesh on Friday, Shankar managed to escape.

Later the same day, Shankar and his cousin Kishan were on their way to Suvana village, when they were stopped by the victim’s brother and other family members.

Thereafter, according to Kishan’s statement to the police, they were taken to the victim’s house. Once there, the duo was beaten up by the victim’s brother (Shyam Lal), father, mother, a cousin and the victim herself.

“They locked me in a room and kept beating Shankar,” Kishan said in his statement, shared with The Hindu by officials at the Subhash Nagar police station.

“I watched from a window as they chopped off his ears and his nose with a pair of scissors. He was crying and screaming for help but I couldn’t do anything. Then they strangulated him with a cloth,” he said.