In an interaction between brave hearts, Rukhsana, who killed a LeT militant in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir in September, met the family of Anand Prakash, who has been fighting for 19 years to get justice for his daughter’s friend who was molested by the former Haryana Director-General of Police S.P.S Rathore.

Ms. Ruskshana’s family and M.S. Bitta, chairman of the All-India Anti Terrorist Front (AIATF), were present at the meeting at Panchkula on Monday.

While thanking Mr. Bitta for his support, Mr. Prakash declined a bravery award from the AIATF.

“We have only started our fight and till the time we reach our goal I cannot accept any honour,” he said at his residence.

“In the 19 years of our struggle, all we have proved is that Mr. Rathore is indeed a child molester. That he was responsible for the suicide of the teenager, that he harassed her family, delayed the course of law and tampered with evidence should all be proved so that no man can even think of using his authority and political patronage to destroy a family.”

Describing the shielding of Mr. Rathore and harassment of the victim’s family as “political terrorism,” Mr. Bitta said, “This sort of terrorism is worse because it affects the mental peace of the nation and destroys families.”

Media help

Madhu Prakash, one of the complainants in the case, said the presence of the media helped to bring the matter to light. Otherwise, any foul play was possible.

“Until recently, there was hardly a person who wanted to be seen with us, let alone support us.

“The media have helped to bring a lot of support from civil society and people with authority.”

Mr. Prakash’s daughter, sole witness to the molestation incident, said: “It is very important that the family of the victim is rehabilitated. The victim’s brother was physically tortured as a teenager and he could never concentrate on higher studies to make a career of his own. He too must be given a suitable job.”

Fighting the mighty

Twenty-year-old Rukhsana said she shared the grief of the family.

“I am happy that more and more people are standing up against the high and mighty and fighting for their rights. She felt a sisterly affection for Mr. Prakash’s daughter.

“We have faced problems, but we continued to fight for justice.”