To tackle “alarming” malnutrition in the State, the government of Rajasthan is planning to introduce fortified (enriched) flour through Public Distribution System (PDS).

“The flour initially will be made available at division level and later at district level, depending upon feedback and outcome of the scheme,” State Food and Civil Supply Minister Babu Lal Naagar said on Tuesday.

“The flour enriched with vitamins and nutrition would reduce instances of vitamin A, zinc, and iron deficiencies which are higher in the state,” he said, adding the flour would be used in schemes like midday meal.

As per the planning, the flour will be available initially through PDS. Later, the government could consider replacing the ordinary flour with the fortified flour in the open market and in midday meal—like schemes if results are good.

“Malnutrition is alarming in the State. The number of anaemic is much higher in the State as according to National Family Health Survey 2005—06, one in every two girls and women between the ages of 15—49 years are anaemic in Rajasthan. So, tackling the situation is very important,” he said.