It is for us in industry to do something for Kashmir, says Tata

Enthused by the wealth of human capital in Kashmir, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on Friday pledged to do his bit in building a long-term relationship with youth and fulfil their aspirations.

Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata said: “It has been a real step forward to be able to have a conversation with a great wealth of human capital that exists in Kashmir.”

Mr. Gandhi told reporters after an interactive session with students of Kashmir University here: “I think we have some of the brightest children in the room behind us. We need to work together with them and with other youngsters like them in Jammu and Kashmir to show them what can be achieved, what the future is and that they should take part in it.”

The Congress leader, who had brought some of the leading businessmen in the country to interact with the students, said: “They are very very happy to speak with the businessmen and they are aspirational and we want to fulfil as many of their aspirations as possible. My aim is to develop trust and a long-term relationship with the youth of Jammu and Kashmir.”

He said he and the businessmen had a nice conversation with the “very very bright students and we want to try and see if we can build a future together.”

Mr. Tata said, “What Mr. Gandhi has done is not open a window but open a door.”

He said it was for the industry leaders to do something for the people of Kashmir so that they become part of the growth and development of the country.

“It is for us as people in the industry to look beyond our normal places of endeavour to do something in Kashmir, to do something with Kashmir and to do something for the people of Kashmir that will bring prosperity and change.”

Mr. Tata said the interactive session had brought out the intelligence as also the ability and keenness of the students to participate in the growth and development of India.