Standing paddy crop in fields is a hindrance in power restoration to some villages

Due to various problems, power supply has not been possible to be restored to 33 villages and 37 hamlets in Phailin cyclone and flood-hit Ganjam district till now.

The authorities of the private power distribution company Southco has handed over the list of these 70 rural centres which are the last points for restoration of power, to the Ganjam district administration. In its report, the Southco authorities claimed that the restoration of power in this Phailin-hit district was almost complete. At present less than 4,000 people were without power in the district.

Power had been restored to all medical centres, drinking water supply projects and BSNL mobile communication towers in the district. The Southco also came up with an advertisement in local newspapers with the names of the villages and hamlets, to which power supply has not been resumed yet.