For the first time the Puducherry police on Wednesday recruited Ph.D degree-holders to constable posts when Plus-Two is the minimum qualification.

An analysis of the academic qualification of candidates, who have been selected for the posts, has thrown up interesting information. Out of 578 candidates, 90 percent of those selected are overqualified.

Two Ph.D-holders, 9 M.Phil candidates, 1 M.Tech candidate, 13 MBA degree-holders were among those who entered the service of Puducherry police as constables. Of the total selected candidates, as many as 60 candidates have completed postgraduation, including 22 M.A. graduates and 13 M.Com graduates. As many as 363 candidates with bachelor degrees have made it to the final list, including 21 B.Tech and 95 B.Sc degree-holders. A few lawyers have also opted for the job. As many as 55 candidates, who have completed teacher education courses, also figure in the final list. Only 66 candidates are with the qualification of Plus Two.

The profile of selected candidates has in fact puzzled senior managers of police service, who oversaw the recruitment process, which began in 2010 and completed on Wednesday.

I.D. Shukla, Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Law and Order, said, “We are overwhelmed by the large number of highly qualified persons [applying] for the constable post. It, no doubt, poses a great challenge to top-level police administrators as they [new recruits] have to be given due respect. However, it certainly augurs well for the police force handling sensitive cases,” he said. Mr. Shukla added the selection of highly qualified persons had given an excellent opportunity to the Puducherry police to become model force in the country.

However, analysts feel that it is a clear indication of unemployment level in Puducherry. If the issue is not addressed it may lead to frustration in the careers of the new recruits, especially when it comes to promotions.