There is a shortage of petrol and diesel in Manipur. All oil pumps were shut down on Saturday due to a blockade of the highways on the Karbil Along route in Assam. In view of this, no trucks or tankers could come to Nagaland and Manipur, managers of retail outfits said.

Some organisations at Karbi Along near the Nagaland Assam border are protesting against the alleged encroachment of Assam’s villages by some Nagaland outfits.

Tension is mounting in the area after police fire to disperse the alleged encroachers a few days back.

The Manipur government has not explained why there should be a shortage of fuel within days of blockade at Karbi Along. Okendra Moirangthem, the Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution Minister said that there is no shortage of the consumer items and fuel. The only problem is that people are resorting to panic buying and some elements are taking undue advantage of the psychology of shortage.

On Sunday there were long queues of cars and other vehicles to buy fuel from few oil pumps which were open till noon.


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