Passengers in a Metro Rail train in Kolkata had to alight at stations before their destinations because of acute discomfort today.

After cancellation of one train during peak hours at 11:00 am at Dum Dum, an AC rake came from the car shed in Noapara at around 11:10 am.

Several passengers complained that they started to suffocate as soon as the train entered the tunnel as the AC was not working.

Approached for help by passengers, RPF personnel pleaded helplessness.

When the train arrived at the Mahatma Gandhi Road station all passengers got down because of the stuffy atmosphere and waited for the next train.

Asked for comment, a Metro Rail spokesman said that the problem cropped up at the Mahatma Gandhi Road station and not from Dum Dum.

Metro Rail, which was once considered to be city’s pride, had transformed itself into a hell hole for passengers who wish to take a ride in it.

A PTI correspondent who boarded the train found along with other passengers that the AC was not working.

The empty rake then started to proceed and the passengers had to wait for the next one.