A passenger who escaped unhurt from the accident of Mumbai-bound Volvo bus from Bangalore blamed it on the driver for reckless driving.

“It was at around 3 a.m., when we were in sleep, we heard a loud noise and then an explosion followed,” said Ismail Sheikh (41), a resident of Mumbai Central who had gone to Bangalore to meet his “religious guru” along with three other friends.

Thanking his “guru” for saving him, the small scale businessman added: “It was nothing less than a miracle. I jumped out of the broken window as soon as I sensed that the bus was on fire. Others also tried to break the glass,” he told The Hindu over the phone. According to him, many passengers were injured while desperately trying to jump out of the bus.

“The driver almost climbed on the road divider. It is possible that he lost his control over the wheel while speeding up,” he said.