A village panchayat in Haryana, has instructed a married couple with a 10-month-old child to start afresh as brother and sister as they from two “conflicting gotras.”

After a six-hour long discussion on Saturday at Kheri village, in Jhajjar district, it was decided that the couple “end their marriage” though they had been united in wedlock with their parents’ consent three years ago.

“Satish Berwal of Kheri was married to Kavita of Bhagi village, in the same district. Kavita is from the Beniwal gotra, whereas the groom belongs to the Berwal gotra. “In our village, a couple from these two gotras cannot marry, as they are considered brother and sister,” a panchayat official said on Sunday.

It was only a few days ago that some men in their village realised that the couple belonged to the same sub-caste. Kavita was told that to return to her parents’ house along with her son.

Her brother Sandeep said the family had no choice but to accept the decision. “What can we say? They have been married for the last few years and we did plead for the well-being of the child. But what can we do now?”

“If the couple fail to adhere to the decision within a 28-day deadline, strict action will be taken against them,” he said.

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